The Robot

Each year, a different challenge is presented. These challenges are competitions against other teams, where each team must build and design a robot to complete a series of tasks.

There are many ways to complete each of these tasks, and each team will build with a unique robot that is capable of completing these tasks. Although each robot will be different, they follow the same rules and guidelines that are presented by FIRST. These rules can limit the size of the robot, the amount of parts used, and even prohibit certain parts. The purpose of these rules are to create an environment that is more fair, as certain parts can create unfair play, or defeat the purpose of the challenge.

There are few robots that are completely original, as teams will borrow ideas from each other and expand upon them. This allows for multiple teams to create robots that may accomplish the same task while functioning differently.

Since each season presents a different challenge, all of the ones that the team participates in will be listed below. Each section will include more details about that specific challenge and how the team approached the problem.

Click on the picture or the title of the section to learn more.

Velocity Vortex, 2016-2017